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GO GROW is a professional potting mix manufacturer specializing in growing media and landscape supplies.

We are the first ACCREDITED GROWING MEDIA SUPPLIER in NSW under the NIASA Best Practice Guidelines.

We are also a CERTIFIED ORGANIC Input Manufacturer of Potting Mix & Soils (license # 2188M)

Accreditation of nurseries and allied businesses under the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA) aims to raise the level of professionalism, quality control and buyer confidence within the nursery industry.

NOTE: Greenwaste Drop-off times strictly 07:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday

Accreditations & Memberships

Ensuring professionalism, quality control and buyer confidence

The Go Grow Product Range

For nurseries and home gardeners

Our prodcut range includes Growing and Potting Mixes

Here at Go Grow we make our mixes to suit each individual plant. With over 250 professionally formulated recipes in our range we guarantee we can supply the perfect growing media.

Mulches and Bark Go Grow Ballina

Choose from a wide selection of garden mulch and bark, both commercial landscaping jobs and home gardens. The colour or style of your mulch can change the entire look and feel of your garden.

Landscape Supplies Go Grow Ballina

Go Grow stock a wide range of landscaping supplies and products ideal for the Northern Rivers and beyond. Our range includes Sands and Decorative Stone, Road Base And Aggregates as well a huge range of Cements and concretes.

Fertilisers Go Grow Ballina

Plants need food just like people – they need a range of nutrients for good health and growth. Fertilisers may contain nutrients in differing quantities and rates of release can vary from instant to controlled release over many months.

Pesticides Gardening Tools Ballina

Go Grow stock a wide range of pots for propagation and growing. And Organic pesticides for killing weeds and controlling insects.

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